About MyPlace Conveyancing

Who are we you might ask? At MyPlace Conveyancing we are all things conveyancing! We are an online and fixed fee service, which allows you to coordinate your conveyancing at a time that suits you, with real people from the convenience of home.

MyPlace is managed by our conveyancing professionals and solicitors. We are required to hold professional indemnity insurance and we are subject to annual audit, so you’re in good hands!.

What is included in the fixed fee?

Our fixed fee includes professional fees, GST and searches including:

  1. Title search
  2. Plan
  3. Planning certificate
  4. Rates and other outgoings certificates

Other items that are not included in our fixed fee include:

  1. Building certificates
  2. Registering caveats
  3. Applications for lost titles
  4. Stamp duty refunds
  5. Deposit release requests
  6. Cost of Verification of Identity

Our services to you:

  • completion of searches
  • preparing all conveyancing documents
  • explaining specific terms of conditions to you
  • liaison with lender on settlement requirements
  • preparation for settlement including final searches and inquires
  • calculation of settlement amount and report to you
  • booking and attending settlement in person or via an agent
  • post settlement reporting