Buying a Property?

Whether you’re buying your first home, an investment property or a block of land, our highly experienced conveyancing team are here to guide you through the property transaction every step of the way!

The MyPlace Conveyancing team has the experience and knowledge to assist you with all the necessary steps involved with buying a property.

Our service is delivered with price certainty through a fixed fee.

There are different obligations in each state and therefore our services delivered do vary between states but we manage this within the fixed fee quoted.

We manage the complete process of your property purchase, protecting your interests and ensuring that the property settlement is completed all for a fixed fee which ensures you, our client, certainty of price.

The work that we undertake for you for the fixed fee will vary in each state in order that we can meet the specific obligations required in that state.

Our fixed fee includes professional fees, GST and searches including:

  1. Title search
  2. Plan
  3. Planning certificate
  4. Rates and other outgoings certificates

Other items that are not included in our fixed fee are:

  1. Owners Corporation/Body Corporate/Strata certificates
  2. Building certificates
  3. Registering caveats
  4. Applications for lost titles
  5. Stamp duty refunds
  6. Deposit release requests
  7. Cost of Verification of Identity

Our services to you:

  • Completion of searches
  • Preparing all conveyancing documents
  • Explaining specific terms of conditions to you
  • Liaison with lender on settlement requirements
  • Preparation for settlement including final searches and inquiries
  • Calculation of settlement amount and report to you
  • Booking and attending settlement in person or via an agent
  • Post settlement reporting

Document witnessing

Each State has different requirements with respect to the witnessing of documents lodged with Land Titles Offices.

Verification of Identity

In order to minimise the incidence of fraud, each state has requirements for verifying your identity during property transactions. This can be completed at an Australia Post outlet.

Verifying your identity is required for both vendors and purchasers.


* Special Circumstances

There may be circumstances which arise where MyPlace Conveyancing is unable to act for you in your transaction. In most cases this will be able to be determined when your registration information has been received by MyPlace Conveyancing. However, it may also extend to situations where we determine at our discretion that your matter requires more complicated legal advice than we are willing or able to offer. If this occurs MyPlace Conveyancing will notify you that MyPlace Conveyancing is unable to act for you. Any payment made by you for our services will be refunded in these circumstances.